Grand Cultural Program and Dinner


After the Grand Lodge Meeting, dinner and liquid refreshments were organized and hosted by MW Bro. Dr. Satwinder Singh Bhamra at Sector 91, Mohali. The function included a Grand Cultural Program of Martial Arts, Bhangra, Gidha and Songs. The foreign delegates enjoyed the function very much.

Silver Jubilee

MW Bro. Dr. Satwinder Singh Bhamra welcoming the guests


Martial Arts Artists performing


Martial Arts Artists performing


Brethren from South India and Upper India


MW Bro. Dr. P.S. Egan, MW Bro. Michel Singer and MW Bro. Ajit Singh Ranauta


Music Group with traditional music instruments


MW Bro.Dr. S S Bhamra with Brethren from Serbia, Hungary and Austria


Grand Masters of Sovereign GL of Austria, GL of Upper India, GL of South India and GL of Belgium along with a brother from Amritsar and a brother from Coimbatore enjoying the warmth


Music group playing traditional Punjab folk instruments


Brethren from Coimbatore with MW Bro. Dr S. S. Bhamra and MW Bro. Ajit Singh Ranauta


Girls performing Gidha The Traditional Punjabi Dance


RW Bro Heiner Wiegele dancing with MW Bro. Col S S Dhanoa


South Indian Delegates along with families


MW Bro Raj kumar and RW Bro Heiner Wiegele with ceremonial Turbans on


All ears for MW Bro Michel Singer

Delegates with the Artists


Brethren with M.W. Bro. Michel Singer and M.W. Bro. Michael Maurer


RW Bro M Nagarajan, Mrs S. Nagrajan and W Bro T Jaya Kumar with the Host MW Bro Dr. S S Bhamra


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