Masonic Fraternity does not solicit new members. A man must seek Masonic membership of his own free will and accord. A man who becomes a mason of his own choice and desire is more likely to become a strong and useful member of the fraternity than the one who comes by invitation and persuasion.

Before a man applies for Masonic membership,

(i) he must have faith in God;
(ii) he must have a general idea about freemasonry;

he must have a general desire for knowledge, to learn the various arts and sciences, to develop and strengthen the various mental and corporeal faculties with which God has blessed him;

(iv) he must be willing to serve the community he lives in.

Freemasonry believes in Universal Brotherhood. Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are its grand principles. Freemasonry aims to make good men into better men.

While every member of the fraternity is entitled to all the rights and privileges of freemasonry, he is also obligated to conform to the teachings of the Order. Every mason is obligated to live by a strict moral code, and is expected to be true to the teachings of the fraternity. He is expected to be true to his religion, true to his country, true to his family and true to his friends. He is encouraged to participate, help the needy, the handicapped and the downtrodden lot of our community.

The one common aim in view that freemasons have is to please each other and unite in the grand design of being happy and communicating happiness.

As a new member, you will find truth in the statement, “he who enters here ceases to be a stranger”. It is mandatory for every mason to rally and support a freemason in times of your need, distress and danger.

The Universality of freemasonry is evident when visiting Lodges in a foreign country. The brethren whom you may be meeting for the first time go to great lengths to welcome you as a brother, make you feel at home and offer you whatever assistance you may need even if it entails personal inconvenience to them.

As a new mason, you will discover true fellowship in the lodge. There you will meet men from every walk of life, men of every religion and political belief, men from various professions and occupations, who come together in a Masonic lodge with one common aim – fellowship.

However, by joining freemasonry,
- if you expect political gain,
- if you expect to promote your business,
- if you expect to advance your religion as being superior to others,
- if you have ulterior mercenary motives,
you will be totally disappointed for none of this is permitted or tolerated in Masonic lodges.

Before you apply for membership, consider the following:

1. Age – You must be at least 21 years of age.



Financial Obligation – Whilst the cost of Masonic membership is well within the means of an average man, yet one should ascertain whether he can afford the initiation fees, annual dues, Grand Lodge and other fees, etc. without hardship to his family.


Time to Participate – Although there are no attendance requirements for a mason, he will enjoy full benefits of membership only if he has the time to attend and participate in a reasonable number of meetings and other Masonic activities without neglecting his family and other duties.



Desire for Self-Improvement – He should have a desire to lead a dignified life, a self-imposed moral code of conduct, and become a useful member of the society so that this, our world, may become a better place to live in.


Once he decides to be a mason and submits a Petition, it will have to be recommended by members of the lodge and balloted in a regular meeting. He will need a near unanimous favourable ballot.

So just get in touch with someone who is close to you and is a mason or just e-mail at, for further guidance.


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